Unlock Your Mindbody or Booker Data!

Say Goodbye to Inefficient Manual Work

Real Benefits Of Using AutoSync

  • No more delay waiting on human intervention

  • No more human error manually transferring data

  • No more runaway campaigns that nobody knew to stop

  • Send the right message to the right person at the right time

  • Leverage the power of HighLevel dynamic marketing automation while still using MindBody or Booker as your CRM

  • Create triggers in HighLevel based on MindBody or Booker activity

  • Create a campaign for appointment reminders or missed appointments

What Our Clients Are Saying

Exclusive AutoSync Features:

  • Real-time 2-way sync between HighLevel Calendar and the MindBody/Booker Calendar

  • 45 custom data points captured and stored in HighLevel contact record in real time

  • Trigger a HighLevel automation from a MindBody/Booker Purchase

  • Start or Stop any automation inside of HighLevel when someone schedules an Appointment in MindBody/Booker

  • Allow customers to self-schedule through a HighLevel Calendar and automatically update MindBody/Booker

  • Start real-time/automated follow-up sequence based on the appointment status being updated in MindBody/Booker

  • Special features for F45 gyms

  • And lots of other cool features!

Lock in our discounted rate: $79/month

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Autogration Sync?

A: Autogration Sync is a tool that makes MindBody or Booker "talk" to HighLevel and vice versa. There was no integration out there that could connect these software systems to HighLevel so our clients had to do a lot of manual work to start/stop automations, update calendars, and trigger automations... but the manual process was creating more problems than it was solving, so we built an integration that has real-time two-way calendar and contact sync so now you can start and stop workflows automatically!

Q: Do you provide support if something goes wrong?

A: Yes we have chat and email support available.

Q: What is your pricing structure?

A: We charge $79/month for a single location. If you have more than 4 MindBody account locations you may qualify for a discount of up to 50%!

Q: What happens after I purchase?

A: You will be guided through the process to connect HighLevel to your MindBody or Booker account, and you can begin mapping your appoints or classes to your HighLevel calendar!

Q: Do you provide a custom snapshot for AutoSync?

A: Yes - We provide a snapshot with pre-configured workflows, tags and fields that will help you maximize the benefits of AutoSync from day one!

Q: Can I cancel anytime?

A: Yes, you can cancel at any time. We do not hold you to any long-term contract. In fact, you can "pause" any subaccount to stop billing and restart it yourself whenever you are ready.

Q: Where can I get more details about how AutoSync works?

A: Check out our full Knowledge Base at https://help.autogration.io where you can learn about our snapshot and all the custom fields that we add to the contact record in Highlevel.

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